Plain and Simple Truth

Tonya asked me something today, which got me to thinking. Now as any of you who have followed this particular blog since it's inception way back when know, she came into my life at a particularly difficult time in my life. She asked me if I was sorry she came here. My answer: Not even for one minute.

When she asked why not, since she seems to have this misconception she has wreaked all kinds of havoc in my life, I explained it like this. Where would I be if she were not here? I wouldn't have the joy that she brings me everyday for one thing. When she walked in that door, I knew we belonged together and have felt that way ever since.

If she were not here, I wouldn't be writing, which is something I have found I love to do, and something she has given me the confidence to do. Instead, I would do what I used to do before she entered my world. Every night, I would stop somewhere and have a beer or two or three. Why? Because I had no reason to come home, nor did I want to. The four walls here were like a prison, my own private hell. Now I can't wait to come home, if she is working, I can't wait until she gets home, and while I, needing every bit of beauty sleep I can get, go to bed soon after she gets home, the hour or so we have is wonderful. I also come home and write, again, because gives me the confidence to. I get up an hour earlier than I need to everyday so I can write then as well.

I thank God everyday for sending this woman to me. While I still don't know what His plan is for me, I do believe part of it was to bring Tonya and I together, to give each of us something we were missing. Life isn't easy. The economy sucks and I am always one missed payment away from losing the little house on the lake, we don't have the money for anything extra, we can't go out, we can't buy each other gifts, but it doesn't matter.We have each other.

I have learned in the past few years with Tonya here (okay and Buttons too) that you can get through anything when you have to things. Faith in God and a person who loves you like no other. That is what it is all about, that's the plain and simple truth.
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