I always think there's a band

I admit I am a fan of old Broadway musicals and movies. My favorite has to be "The Music Man", the move came out in 1962. No matter how many times I watch it there is always something I see for the first time, or a line in it which makes me think about something a different about life. My favorite line in this one...

"I always think there's a band kid".Prof, Harold Hill says this to the Winthrop when the kid confronts him about whether Hill is nothing but a fake and a liar. Hill admits he is and the boy asks him where the band is, and Hill answers with that line.

We all need to think there is a band. The band signifies our dreams. Hill dreamed of being a famous band leader, even though he pretty much guessed he would never be one, he always aimed for it. Just as we all should do. Our band might be something like a dream of retiring to some warm tropical island some day or it might be like mine which is to be able to make a living writing and never having to leave the little house on the lake. We always need to keep sight of that band.

Once the band disappears, then we have nothing to shoot  for. Once we have no band we wither and die. Even if we don't think leading the band is possible we can never give up. There are days when I see the band fading away, and believe it or not I think of that line. I might even throw the DVD in and watch it, and I know that, maybe, just maybe, someday I will have that band and that's what keeps me motivated.

If I didn't think there was a band, that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I couldn't go on. I couldn't struggle like I do, I couldn't keep a good attitude (okay sometimes the attitude slips a little, you can ask Tonya). There have been times in the past when I didn't think there was a band. There was no reason to get up in the morning, no reason to go on. Thank God, I found the band.
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