Bugs on the windshield

Sitting behind the dirty windshield today, I was attacked by a bug. Actually the windshield was attacked. I am not sure what kind of bug it was, but it was big and made a big splat. And of course it was right in front of me. Have you ever noticed that after a bug splats on your windshield you can't seem to focus on anything else?

Of course when you are on the interstate like I was, it isn't always convenient to pull over and wash it off and most of the time using the window washer only makes it worse, so until you reach your destination you focus only on that bug. This isn't a good thing as we no longer pay attention to what is going on around us. Watch out for that bus!

Many of us tend to go through life like this as well. We focus on one thing at a time and forget to look around at what else is going on, the big picture. Everything we do in our life has an effect on something else. We don't live in a vacuum and our actions, not only affect others around us, but they also affect our own personal life. For example, I have always focused on one thing at a time, yes it usually involves my financial issues, and have neglected other things are going on. And what happens when I do this? The stuff I'm not paying attention to gets worse.

While it is important to focus on whatever is most important at the time, after all we have to set priorities, we also need to keep an eye on the other stuff. If we have bills to pay, we still need to make sure we don't lose our job. We need to make sure our vehicles will get us to work (something I am particularly not good at). We need to make sure we don't forget about our families and those who love us.

As hard as it can be sometimes to not focus just on the bug on the dirty windshield, make sure you look at everything else as well. It will help you stay on the road without crashing.
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