For The Love of The Open Road

Yesterday I took the three girls for a long ride and realized I sure do miss being out on the road. Oh, I’m still on the road sort of, but not like I used to be. To me the road is trips of at least two or more hours in length. I get very few of those lately.
NH State Capitol
I was in Concord, New Hampshire,  with Sally (my pick-up), Susan (my GPS) and Tonya (the love of my life) because Tonya had to be at a training meeting or something. I took the day off to drive her and have spent the time walking around the city taking pictures.

I realized on the drive up there, as I settled into my “professional driver” mode that I miss being out there. Most of my days behind the dirty windshield are spent within ten miles of my base, which is okay but not what I am truly happy doing. As I bounded up the interstate yesterday morning, passing all the old familiar places, the motorcycle dude’s place I used to deliver to, the hospital I used to deliver to, the breakfast joint where the hot blonde worked, wait, Tonya, just kidding there, I really miss it.

Once it gets into your blood, it is hard to get rid of it. Which raises the question would I be totally crazy to leave where I am, working for someone else, with regular hours and a regular (albeit small) paycheck and buy myself another van and hit the road again? I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t looking into it.

There is a lot to think about. Mainly the security, but I have learned a lot of lessons from when I did it before, and more than likely I wouldn’t make the same mistakes. With age comes wisdom. And just think of all the exotic locations I could blog from, sharing adventures and thoughts, truly written from behind the dirty windshield, not from just behind my dirty eye glasses like I do now.

I guess we’ll have to think about it some more, not going to rush into anything (another lesson learned along the road of life). But it sure is tempting…
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