Family Woes

For the first time in awhile I had all three of my grandchildren here at the little house on the lake, all together, at the same time. And for a brief, fleeting, moment I thought both my kids might actually speak to each other, but nope, didn't happen.

When will they realize that life is just too short to be pissed off at each other? Before you know it, life is done and you spent all those wasted years not speaking, missing each other's lives. My mother was like that, she held grudges for forty years until the day she died, why? I have a sister who is the same way, get over it. Nothing is more important than family. You will never get them back.

I talk about my father here a lot and how important family was to him, and it is the same with me. I don't know how to fix what is broken. I wish he were here now so he could kick his grandchildren's asses. Okay, he wouldn't actually kick them physically, but he would verbally. Time like these are when I wish I were more like him. He was full of wisdom, the kind of wisdom gained from being a people person I get, which leaves me out. He understood people, he knew what made them tick, he could figure them out and was always a good mediator.

I guess I can keep praying each night that God will give me the guidance I need to get them both to see. Most be their mother's stubborness kicking in, certainly not from my side.
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