Spring Cleaning of the Mind

Things have been "springing" up here at the little house on the lake. The ice is gone, the peepers are peeping (the ones that live in the swampy area in the back not the neighbors who look in the windows) and it is almost getting warm outside. I love spring when everything seems to get new again, including the view from behind the dirty windshield.

Recently I have developed a new interest in my religious beliefs. as written about previously I have had some rough times here, different things have happened which have made me take a hard look at my faith and reconsider some things.Now I can't say for certain this has made a difference in my life; all I can say is things seem to be changing for me somewhat.

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Inherently religion and religious beliefs can be difficult to explain to either others or yourself. Not that I am trying to explain it to anyone other than me, when you actually take the time to look at it and question things, you start to realize that you really need to have faith to believe. Now I am not sure that statement makes any sense or not, but I guess what I am trying to say is reading the Bible for example, you are told of miracles. In order to believe in these miracles you have to have faith that God can really perform them. 

recently I wrote a Hub Page entitled "Questions Without Answers" I brought up the question of after-life or eternal life and whether or not there is one or not. It is like rolling the dice, if you don't believe and live your life as if there is none, you take the chance there really is one then you are screwed. If you believe in an after-life and live your life accordingly and there isn't one, then it can be argues that you wasted your time.

Personally I look at it in this light: If you live your life as if there is an after-life and you would like to be welcomed into Heaven, and there is none, at least you led a good life while you were here. All I can say right now is since I have been changing my attitude somewhat things seem to have been getting a little better, a little easier and the windshield a little cleaner. There is nothing wrong with that.
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