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It's snowing here at the little house on the lake, the 1 to 3 inches has turned into 2 to 4, but then I don't think they have hit one right yet. Every year as I get older, winters get longer and longer. At least I don't have to work today, but will be going to my granddaughter's birthday party, if the little red pick up can make the hill.
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Sometimes I wonder if there really is a God out there somewhere. Those of you have followed this blog for sometime, especially since its inception, know I have mused on this before. In my personal life, yes I believe there is, and yes, I believe He is looking after me. But when you look at the state of the world, one has to wonder why He (or She if that be your preference) would allow the turmoil to happen. And, depending on your religion, it is all in the name of religion, and everyone is working for their particular God. 

So does that mean there is more than one? Are there separate gods for Christians, Muslims, democrats? Union members? (Sorry I had to throw that in there) And if it is because He has a plan, it appears all have their own version of this plan.

I worked behind the dirty windshield last night, and I had to respond to an accident. A younger guy, maybe early twenties, was bopping along the interstate when he fell asleep (yes, he admitted it), he wasn't drunk or otherwise impaired as evidenced by the fact that the Trooper actually drove him home. He fell asleep, drifted off the road, hit a snow bank (more like ice) was launched into the air maybe fifty feet, landed on his wheels and went maybe another hundred feet, not hitting the guardrail to his left or the trees to his right, didn't hit the little swamp hole which would have caused him probably to nosedive into it, and stopped just short of a tree which would not have gotten out of the way. There was not a scratch on him. Why? Why did God protect him?

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Second case: Way back when I was a firefighter, one of my first "fatals" was on the interstate. Two men, maybe in their thirties were heading to a business meeting. They were headed west, a tractor trailer was headed east. A tire came off the trailer, and began to roll. The passenger saw it coming and asked the driver if he saw it, it was still a distance away. The driver acknowledged he had and said he would pull over, which he did. The tire hit the guardrail in the median bounced over and was airborne. It landed on the roof of the car, knocking in the roof, snapping the passenger's neck and killing him. The driver had not a scratch. Why did it kill the passenger and not the driver? Why, when there was no other vehicles around did the tire fall on the car at all? If there is a God, why would He choose one and not the other?

Interesting cases, interesting things to think on this snowy Sunday morning, while the world is in turmoil, again, the economy is tanking here in the US, and no one seems to be able to listen to the the other side, no matter how rational the argument is.

So is there a God?
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