The sky is grey and so am I

I'm looking out the window of the little house on the lake and it looks like it is going to snow. Of course the weather people say we might get only an inch, but I am not putting a lot of stock in what they say. Every year I dislike winter more and more. It's bad enough we have had snow up the yazoo and it has been cold enough to freeze a certain part of a witch's anatomy, but as usual every other year I have the usual problem trying to save the little house on the lake. Each time it is harder and harder not to just give up. 
After all we could get rid of the place an move somewhere it doesn't snow or at least not as bad as here. And maybe somewhere that the average temperature in the winter is over forty, I could deal with that. I don't even feel like writing lately, what's the point?

But then there is the dog who no matter what is always happy. When I get up or come home at night he always greets me with the same happy greeting and makes me glad I am home. Sometimes I wish I could be like the dog and let nothing bother me, just treat everyday like a brand new day. Not easy for us two legged creatures to do that though, unfortunately our grey matter is a little more advanced than the dog (especially in the case of Buttons, I do worry about him sometimes). 

Oh well, enough self pity for now. I have too much to do around here to wallow, just not sure I'll save it this time, but at least I've got the redneck of the lake with me, and the dog.
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