The winter of our discontent

Ahh winter, I sure do love it. Not really. I am sick of the cold, I am sick of the snow and I am sick of having to trudge outside to bring in wood to keep the stove going so we don't freeze our butts off. But other than that things are good here at the little house on the lake. And then there is spending time behind the dirty windshield of the tow truck in a snow storm, nothing like it.

The other day, Wednesday, we had a big storm, the road was shiny and white on my way in to work. Shiny and white is never good. White with grey streaks or brown streaks is good, shiny and white never. I should have known what kind of day I was in for when I saw a SUV sitting cross-ways on the guardrails with all four wheels off the ground it would be interesting. 

Then there was the guy who ran his car under the back of a tractor trailer, nothing was injured except his pride, well that and perhaps his mental status, he kept doing a Yogi Bear impression all the way back to the tow yard. But at least I didn't have to pick up the other adult male (using the term somewhat loosely) who called AAA to tow him from the rest area to our shop. Why? Was he in an accident? Did he break down? Nope and nope, he just was scared to drive. I have always looked at it this way: If you don't like the snow this is the wrong place to be.

And the other thing I can't understand is I am the oldest driver at this fine establishment and the other day I did three times as many calls as any other driver, and double what the other three did combined. I just don't get it. Could it be that I have learned that the quickest way to get worn down in the cold is to keep coming in from it and sitting inside where someone has cranked the heat up to 80 degrees? I would rather sit in the truck with the heat turned down so I don't drain all my energy and can keep working, but then what do I know, I'm just the old guy. 

But so it goes. Slow and steady wins the race. And now to go outside and bring in the wood and shovel a bit before the next storm hits.
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