What Was I Thinking

It's day two of my newest journey, well day four if you count the weekend and I have spent a whole bunch of time writing. The question remains as to whether or not I will make enough to keep the women I love from bolting on me.

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Actually I am not going to seriously start looking for a real job until after our vacation we had planned, unless the writing thing really takes off before then. I have often talked about the choices we make and this is just another one in many. Whether it has been the smartest one or not I can't say yet.

I am not known for making the best choices in my life, but this was one I had to make. Would I have liked to have had a back-up plan? Yes. But I didn't. It was only a matter of time before I really hurt myself or someone else with the truck. Physically I am no longer able to the work I was doing. Could I have asked for easier work? Probably, but honestly, I do think this was the best choice to make. A year ago I never would have made it.

I hear you out there asking "What changed?" Well other than the physical condition getting worse, it was two things.
Even now I am not sure what He was trying to tell me, other than it was time for a change before something really bad happened, just that it was time. And I do think God will provide. No, He won't have money fall out of the sky, but as long as I continue living like I should, not like I did years ago (but that is a story for another day, perhaps the subject for a book
) we'll be okay.

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