Sunday Sermon #1

And now it is time for our Sunday night sermon, straight from the I'm Just Musing ministry at the little house on the lake. Today's sermon is entitled.... Okay I'm just kidding, I don't have a sermon or a ministry however, feel free to send donations anyway and I can make one.

I will say this however, since I realized that for many years now someone more powerful than me has been watching over me, and have begun to talk to Him one on one, good things have begun to happen. After I almost got killed falling off the back of my truck (no, it wasn't a turnip truck) and almost had a machine fall on me, and I got to thinking about why I wasn't either dead or seriously hurt, I put it all together. There has to be someone out there watching over me.

This week I had another article I wrote for Viewshound win a gold medal, which means a fifty dollar bill. I had two others win prizes. Is it a coincidence that two of them had to do with religious issues? Maybe I have found a calling? Hence the first paragraph.

Then earlier today, I did my least favorite thing to do, I cleaned out the mailbox and went through the mail. When you are broke, you really don't like to open the mail, but you got to do what you got to do, so i went ahead and opened it. I received a very nice surprise. No, not a job offer to write full time, nor did I get something from Publisher's Clearing House with Ed McMahon's picture on it telling me I won a million dollars. But I did get the registration for my truck.

Why is this good news? Becasue for about six months now i have been driving around in an unregistered pick-up becasue, to make a long story short, I didn't have the funds to register it. I needed about six hundred becasue I needed to change it from my old business name to a personal vehicle, and this being Massachusetts I needed to pay sales tax on the book value of the truck, even though it isn't worth anywhere near that.

So after six months of stressing where to get the money, I open the mail and there is the new registration, all legit and everything without me paying a dime. I don't know why I had to go through all the BS for Tonya's car, which is also in my name, but it's all good.

So what does this tell me? Maybe there is something to this believing in God stuff and living a clean life after all.
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