Another fork in the road of life

I don't remember if it was in the old AOL "Dirty Windshield" or after I switched to Blogger (I suppose I could look but I don't want to), I wrote about making decisions in life and how sometimes we take a right when we should of gone left. The problem is we don't know which is the right path to take at the time, we just do what we think is right. I have reached another fork in the road of life and will need to decide tomorrow which way I will go.
As I eluded to in my last post I have to make a decision on the house. I am on the verge, once again, of losing it. I have run out of options, pretty much only having two left. Okay, really three if I count jumping off a bridge into a canyon, but then would that really be an answer? I think not. I can just say screw it and let the bank take the house or try to sell it, although I am not convinced I will be able to make enough on it to get out of the hole. Or my second option will be to file bankruptcy in which case I can keep the house as long as I don't get behind again.

Anyone who had followed this blog knows what the little house on the lake means to me, and especially now that I have Tonya in my life to share it with me. So I will probably pick the bankruptcy route. It just seems that every time I seem to be catching up something happens and I fall farther behind. This week the Explorer needed some major repairs, plus I had to repair the S-10 last week, so between the two of them, there was the mortgage payment. Of course I didn't have the cash so I had to put it on that high interest credit card so now I will be paying that off for ever unless I file.

This is what I mean, I never get ahead, this time last year all the cards were paid off. So now I come to yet another fork in the road and have to decide which way to go. But there is one major difference this time, than the last few times I have run into this problem. I have Tonya in my life, and she gives me hope and support which means the world to me. And I know as long as we have each other, no matter what I do, I can't lose because I have already won.

So stay tuned, hell I can even see a possible book coming out of this whole thing, something with a title like: "The view from the poorhouse porch" or something. You can pre-order now if you would like.
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