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I would like to just take some time to speak on the recent deaths of two firefighters in Bridgeport, CT. 
Too often it takes a tragedy like this to remind us all of these true heroes. Heroes is a term I think is used too much these days, but I do use it here. As a retired call firefighter I can especially feel the pain which is going through not only the Fire Service, but all emergency services right now. 
Remember these firefighters, as well as all others, Police and EMS,  go out every day to do a job not many people will do. Think about this next time you see a house or building on fire and every one is running away from it. There is one group of people who are running in.  Firefighters, whether full time, career firefighters or part-time on-call or  volunteers risk their lives every time the alarm goes off. They leave their stations, their work, their homes and truly don't know if they will be coming home when the job is done. 
So please take the time to remember this and thank a firefighter for what he or she does every day.

8x10 Firefighter's Prayer Striped Alder PlaqueThe Firefighters Prayer
When I'm called to duty God
wherever flames may rage
give me strength to save a life
whatever be its age
Help me to embrace a little child
before it is too late
or save an older person from
the horror of that fate
Enable me to be alert
to hear the weakest shout
and quickly and efficiently
to put the fire out
I want to fill my calling and
to give the best in me
to guard my neighbor and
protect his property
And if according to your will
I have to lose my life
bless with your protecting hand
my children and my wife.
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