Welcome to the 21st Century

As I was driving along behind the dirty windshield today, I got to thinking. I know, that's always a problem when I do that, but sometimes it just happens. I was thinking how all my life I have always been somewhat behind the curve.

For example, microwave ovens were on the market at least three or four years before I bought one, same thing with a VCR (raise your hand if you remember those) and even my cell phone. I think the only thing I may have been, although not ahead of the curve on, but at least on the upper end of it was with computers. I  think some of my ex-coworkers are still bitter over the fact that my boss always bought me the top of the line laptops. Heck, I had the first 486 processor in the company while every one else had 286's.

But then, I fell off the top of the curve and tumbled back to being behind. But, I am catching up. This week I finally signed up for a Facebook account and a Twitter account. My better half even said "Welcome to the 21st century." And I admit, the reason I got them is mostly for mercenary purposes, to help promote my blogs. See, I've got this plan to make enough money to pay off all my debtors (you know who you are) be able  to pay for the little house on the lake and retire to a life of reading and writing.

I still wonder sometimes if all this technology is good or not. I suppose it is nice to have all this instant communication but has anyone else noticed that we no longer seem to have any down time? We are always checking our email, texts, facebook page, tweets (or twits of which I have known a few). And if you happen to have a job which requires you to have access to a network, you are constantly working, you can never get away. Weren't these machines supposed to make our lives easier?

I remember when I was a kid spending my summers here in the little house on the lake and when my sisters and I would be a little rambunctious, my father would say "Shh, let's see if we can hear the grass growing." We never could, and I still can't but I do take the time to listen.
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