A Slow Friday

Not a tough day behind the dirty windshield today. I did one tow this morning. Seems the gentleman thought his car was overheating so he parked it on the side of the big road and hopped over the guardrail to walk to a nearby garage. I wonder if he was concerned at all when the fire trucks passed him to put the fire out. The one in his car that is. Sometimes people just make me wonder.

Later I had to go back on the big road to change a tire, it was only flat on the bottom but the lady wouldn't just let me turn it around and put the flat spot on the top. After I removed and put on the mini tire, I looked at the tire and I saw the gash on the side. I asked her what she ran into or over. She couldn't answer, but she did turn red.

We picked one up about three AM. The State Police called us to go on the big road to get it. Seems the car had two flat tires on one side and the two occupants were walking in the break down lane at a rather brisk pace. The trooper stopped them, but it seems they didn't want to go back to the vehicle, I'm no cop but something like that certainly would make me sit back and say "Hmmmm". Seems the car didn't belong to them. They had no idea where it came from. The car is in the impound lot.

Just another quiet day on the highway of life.
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