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It was a long day behind the dirty windshield today and I am really beat so on the way home I stopped and bought some new software called "Naturally Barking" and I am going to let my dog Buttons write todays post. Just remember the opinions expressed in this post are those of the dog and not the human.

I don't understand these humans. They have been living with me for two years now and I am finally getting them trained., especially the one with the furry face. I just don't understand while he has all this fur on his face but none on the top of his head. If I didn't have fur on my head I would be pretty cold. But who knows.

You know what really bristles my fur? When they come home and say things like it must be nice to just lay around the house all day. Do they think I just sit here and do nothing? Why today I had to bark at those little brown furry things that run around in the yard. They see me chase them out of my yard as soon as they let me out. Those things are dangerous, and I know they certainly aren't going to go out and chase them. As soon as they let me out I have to run around the whole yard to make sure the place is safe from these things.

And then there is the furry grey thing that sometimes comes in the house. She comes in like she owns the place and they rub her ears and feed her and let her sleep on the bed, and she is so stuck up she won't even play with me. I try to play with her and she scratches me. When I see her outside and run over to her, she goes up a tree. She's not to smart.

But at least she isn't like the black and white one, that one really stinks. Both times I tried to play with that one it went to the bathroom on me, I never do that to anyone. And I don't know what that thing eats but its pee really smells bad. The first time I played with it the humans were so mad at me when I came in the house to tell them I made a new friend. They put all this stuff on me and then wiped it off. I just don't understand them. The second time I played with it, I didn't tell them, I just ran in the house and hid under the bed, but they still found me. Next time I have to find a better hiding place.

Dogs for Dummies, 2nd EditionThen the other night there was all these big noises and the sky got bright so I jumped up on the male humans lap to protect him. Do you think he thanked me? No he didn't he petted me and said it was all right. I wasn't the one who was scared it was him.

Well I have to go now, those little brown things are back, and my friend from down the road should be coming by soon and I need to tell her about my day. She likes to come in our yard to check on me.

I like this new software, maybe the human will let me bark again.
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2 Responses to this post

  1. Big Mark 243 on June 10, 2010 at 9:13 PM

    LOL...what breed is Buttons..?

  2. I'm Just Musing on June 11, 2010 at 4:29 AM

    Buttons is half Welsh Corgi, half Collie, I am going to try to take a picture of him this week and will post it.

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