Listen To The Girl In The Box

Every once in awhile I wake up in a reflecting mood. Of course waking up in any kind of a mood is better than the alternative, although I suppose that can be debated as well.

This morning I was thinking about my life and how different it would have been if I had made different choices. Not that all the choices I have made were bad choices or even wrong choices, but my life would be different if I had made different choices. Not that I haven't made some wrong and bad choices, many of them were the results of an earlier choice.

That is the thing about bad choices, they have a way of piling up It is the cause and affect theory, you make one bad choice and then you end up making more trying to right the wrong one. But then i also believe everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for us. Not that He lets us know what it is, or that He even overtly tells us when we stray off it, but we are here to serve a purpose.

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Without getting into a deep religious or spiritual discussion, I do think we are giving signs, whether through God or some other spiritual entity, on how we should live our lives. When I look back at my life, I can see that I was giving some signs which I ignored. I remember one dream in particular, which when I think back on it now, was a definite sign. I knew it at the time, although I misread it then, and had I read it correctly it would have made a big difference in my life.

I know I can't go back and change things I have done, we can't go backwards but we can learn from our mistakes. The trick is to learn from them and not repeat them.

So I know you are wondering, do I still get signs telling me which way to go? Yes I do, and now I actually read them and try to figure out what they are telling me. No, I am not psychic, they aren't signs or visions in that sense, they are more like a GPS. The girl in the box tells you to go right, if you don't listen, you get lost. The girl in the box will recalculate and try to get you back on the right road, but you still have to listen. If you don't, you'll still be lost.

It took me awhile to listen, and even now I am not sure I am on the right road but at least I am listening.

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