What Was I Thinking

As I complete my third week of being unemployed I have come toone conclusion, it isn't all it is cracked up to be. What was I thinking?

I admit, having no money until tomorrow when Tonya gets paid isn't helping. It means I am pretty much stuck in the house since we only have gas in one vehicle. Which actually isn't such a bad thing, if I had money for gas I would probably find my way to the liquor store and stock-up.

Actually, no, I wouldn't. That thought hasn't even crossed my mind. Okay maybe fleetingly, but I am stronger than I used to be in that regard and know that:

A. That isn't the answer to my problems as it doesn't make your problems go away.
B. Refer to A.

The last time I was unemployed, more accurately underemployed, it was tough. It was a long ass winter with only a part time job. At the time I didn't have the wood stove so in the interest of saving on my electric heat, I kept the heat off. I didn't have much money for food so I would go to one of the local watering holes which had a trivia game where you could win free appetizers on Friday nights. I would buy one beer and play the game until I won an appetizer and that was my meal. Ah what good times I had.

It was a long, cold, hungry winter but I made it. As I will this time. Obviously the big difference is I now have Tonya in my life. Yes, her salary helps, but more importantly than that she supports my decision to leave my job. She knows what it was doing to me, how i couldn't walk straight from climbing in and out of the stuff I hauled on the tow truck. She knows how i hated to go to work every day.

I just feel bad that this is so hard on her. I know she worries all the time, and I don't blame her. I did have a call about work yesterday and will call the guy back in a bit. And I have a couple of other options as well, and once I can put gas in the truck I will pursue them as well.

She really is the best.
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2 Responses to this post

  1. Rose on October 11, 2012 at 3:28 PM

    I'm praying that you find the right job for you that will not leave you stressed.

    My daughter is experiencing the same thing sorta, she was out of work for over a year and then excepted a job, great pay, a location she is not happy with and just stressed daily.

    The good thing is she is employed, the bad thing is she is not happy with the position. I advised her to continue searching with a HeadHunter before leaving her current job. A job is better than no job.

    Good Luck in your search.

  2. Big Mark 243 on October 11, 2012 at 11:51 PM

    Sorry to hear that you had to make the change in work but I have always thought that it would be better going through things with someone who is "down" for you instead of themselves.

    Hang in and don't stop hustling around..! Peace,bro..!

    Love & Rockets!


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