It All Starts With The Foundation

As many of you who read this blog probably have figured out recently I have been finding my way back to places I have never been before, in other words, examining my faith and beliefs. This includes reading the Bible which is something I can honestly say I never did before.

One of my methods for reading the Bible is sometimes I just open it up to whichever page comes up and read, and I have found it interesting that when I do this I usually come across a passage which relates to something I have been stressing over recently.

This was the case yesterday when I came across 1 Corinthians 3:10 - 14.This verse talks about laying foundations, a common theme throughout the Bible by the way. But what you ask has this to do with what I have been worrying about?

Yesterday I wrote (in one of my other blogs) about the shootings at the school in Ohio and about this kid who did it, which got me to thinking about kids in general and if parents are somehow to blame for some of the troubles we have today. And of course then I started wondering about whether or not society as a whole is to blame, which of course led me to worrying about my kids (who are great kids most of the time).

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When I was growing up it was a time when many of us drifted (or ran depending on your perspective) away from the church, insisting we knew what was better for us than they did. While I am not saying we lost our morality, but we certainly loosened them up a bit. We figured if it felt good, it must be okay, after all God loves us doesn't he and he would want us to be happy? So in our own way we "changed" the teachings of the church and this was the beginning of what we have today, a society which can no longer differentiate between what is morally right or wrong.

Using myself as an example, but somehow I think there are others out there who feel the same, I never once talked about God or the Bible with my kids. I taught them right from wrong but not via religious teachings, although now I know where I learned it from. But the right from wrong I taught them was tainted by the same beliefs I had which was my own, false, interpretation of God's Word.

The verse above talks about laying foundations, and while it doesn't specifically mention your children, it certainly can be implied. If we lay a good foundation, as my parents did with me, our kids will pass it on to their kids. If more of us had done this, perhaps we wouldn't have the violence, the lack of morality, the bending of the rules that we have today. You can't follow the rules if you don't know what they are. Too many of us have come to realize this to late and you have to wonder if it's too late.
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