My dysfunctional family

Today I thought i would write about my dysfunctional family, of pets that is. I guess this is what happens when you acquire other peoples pets when they decide they don't want them or because of other reasons more sinister.

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I have two cats and one dog. Buttons, the wonder dog, so named becasue we wonder exactly what his problem is, Snickers, the cat who we were told was a female bu is a male and is going through a gender crisis since he keeps humping Spencer, our other male cat.

Now Spencer is a sad case, well not anymore since we basically saved him from an abusive owner's husband who thought on several cases it would be fun to torture the cat. So now Spencer, who is the most lovable cat, has a neck which was damaged so severely at one point he can't turn his head straight, and who has no voice, is blind in one eye and has missing teeth. When the person who Spencer belonged to lost her apartment, we agreed to take him until she found a new place, Well she has a new place but she ain't getting the cat back.

How anyone can hurt an animal is beyond me. Of course I can't understand how anyone can hurt anyone, but animals and kids, who have no way to defend themselves is inexcusable. They are brought into this world through no fault of their own and don't deserved to be hit, tortured, abused or otherwise harmed. I know I need to get off the soapbox, but sometimes things get to me.

I know there are a million causes out there, every day we are bombarded with them, and I am not going to to ask you to support any, that isn't my style, although I have been told i write a good Sally Struthers type letter. Just remember, if you have a pet or pets, take care of it, it didn't ask you to take it home to be abused and if you no longer want it there are places you can bring them. And if you want a pet, please call or visit your local shelter.

Besides, anytime you can buy a bottle of wine and support the Worcester Animal Rescue league, well how bad can that be?
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