Roughing It

After spending six days, two hours and 52 minutes without power, I sure have had a whole bunch of time for reflecting. The first three days was okay, it was like "All right, I can handle this". but then it got old real fast. I didn't miss the electricity so much, I have heat, I have a grill, I have some old kerosene lamps and I have a lake full of water so I didn't need the well. But here is the problem.

When they forced us all to hook up to town sewer about five or six years ago, we had to put an electric pump which grinds up the stuff from the toilet and then sends it on it's merry way down the road. That pump needs electricity to run, which means, once the little tank fills up, I can't flush the toilet any more. Now I know, I am a man and I have gone outside before and I will go outside again, but there is something about sitting on the throne, maybe with a good book and contemplating life. You just can't do that squatting in the back yard.
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And even though I am in a somewhat rural area, I still have neighbors which means I have to be discreet and go in the woods behind a tree somewhere. Did you know you can get poison ivy year round? How do you explain that one to your friends and co-workers as you go around all day scratching your butt?

And then there is the lovely woman I live with here at the little house on the lake, whom I love more than anyone. But after six days of us only being able to take sponge baths those hugs and kisses we solve to share just aren't the same.

I'll be writing more about this whole power outage thing in the next few days or so, I have to say I sure have a new perspective on people after observing some of the things I've seen in the past few days after the storm. But as for right now I need to look online and see what will be the best generator for me to purchase in order to fit my flushing needs next time.
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One Response to this post

  1. Rose on November 5, 2011 at 12:57 PM

    I feel so bad that you were without power for so long.

    I live in South Florida and have experienced living without power after hurricanes so I understand your discomfort.

    I'm glad that you are safe and the ordeal is over now.

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