Friday Night Ramblings

I'm sitting here by the lake, sipping on a Rolling Rock or two and thinking about life. You know ever since I fell off the back of the tow truck on my head I have a new outlook on things. Maybe when you have you life flash in front of your eyes it makes you realize a few things, like you never know when this life will be over and the next one will begin. And then you start to wonder exactly what the next life is.

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No, I haven't gone out and gotten religion, although I certainly have changed my perspective on the whole thing. I really thought I was done when I fell and that 19 foot scissor lift was coming at me, and it did get me to wondering. Wondering about things I hadn't wondered about in a long time. Things like what does happen when you die, is there a heaven and hell, is there a God? 

Now I admit I haven't lived the best of lives and I have done some things which may have some bearing on to which I may go so I figure maybe it's best I try to change some things. Perhaps it's time I start to try to make the world a better place. Of course there are some who may think I will do just that as soon as I leave. I suppose one way I could do that is through my attempts at writing, after all even if I can convert one lefty to the right side,the world would be better by one.

It's nice to see the green coming out here at the little house on the lake. It was a long, cold winter. The birch tree is starting to get it's leaves, the seed pods (well at least I think that is what they are called) are out, and next to the birch the blueberry bush is also beginning to leaf. The red maple behind me is starting to bloom and the rhododendron has blossomed. I still haven't seen the mergansers yet. They should have been here by now.

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In a few days it will be the eleventh anniversary of the day my Dad died. Maybe that's another reason I have been thinking about such things as the after-life. I know I have written of him before in this blog, he was a good man. Had some different ideas about things sometimes, like God and religion for example.  He always told me "Once you're dead, you're dead." The day he died, when he was in a coma, I said to him, "I know you don't believe there is an after-life, but if there is, you son of a bitch you better come back and tell me." He hasn't yet, but there are times when I think my Mom might come and visit.Real Ghost Stories So what's the point of all this? Who knows, maybe just the Rolling Rock talking. 

Actually, there is an after-life of sorts. My father has been gone for eleven years, yet I think of him pretty much every day. I think of what I learned from him, and it's funny, the older I got, the smarter he got. I think of his philosophy on life, what he did believe, how he treated others, how he loved his family and once he met someone, if he liked you, you were always welcome in his house, the door was always open. Although he never said it, he did believe in the Golden Rule. Sometimes I wish he was still here, so I could talk to him, especially now that I am into politics and history and philosophy. Ah, the arguments we could have, but it would all be good. I never got to that point with him, and that is my biggest regret.

Okay, enough of this, although for those who have followed this particular blog since it's inception, you know it has been awhile since I've pontificated (I like that word, maybe I'll look it up sometime) on life. I think I;ll crack open another Rock, and see if I can find a progressive to beat up.
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