Writing, Life and Buttons the Wonder dog

I suppose I've been slacking with this blog lately, but mostly it is just a matter of time. Just don't seem to have as much of it anymore. For awhile I was able to do lots of writing at work, but it seems the powers that be have decided they don't want me to be online. So instead, now I spend my time between calls sitting around with the other drivers bitching about things.

Hey I could understand if I was neglecting my other duties, but I wasn't, in fact I was doing more then than I do now. things like making sure calls didn't sit without getting dispatched, making sure the paperwork was correct, all those kinds of things. Now I just sit and watch TV. 
Blogging for Fame and Fortune
Since I don't have all that time to write at work, now I have to do it when I get home. This has caused me to concentrate on quality instead of quantity. Of course some can debate whether what I write is quality or not but I won't argue the point. I will say this, I have had people, not many mind you, but a few who have come to me and say things like, "Oh, you're the guy who wrote that letter to the editor", stuff like that, and it makes me feel pretty good.

Here's a link to my newest venture, writing for Examiner.com. It's a lot different from what I am used to, I have to write in the third person and can't be quite as opinionated as I am here or in "It's Clear as Mud" but I think that's a good thing. It's helped me write better.

And I have to say this, if I didn't have the love of my life Tonya supporting me, well, remember way back when, when I started this in the old AOL journal thing? All those depressing entries I wrote? Well, we don't see many like that any more now do we?

Anyway, life is good here at the little house on the lake. It's still tough to make ends meet, but we are plodding along, just the four of us, me, Tonya, Maggie and Buttons the wonder dog.
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