I'm still here

I hate it when work interferes with my personal life. It seems someone ratted me out and I no longer have access to the internet where I work. So now instead of blessing you all with my insightful prose and pontifications I get to sit around and do nothing.

You see there just isn't a whole lot of work for me to do behind the dirty windshield. I can still write but it is tough when I don't have access to the internet in case I have to look stuff up. Which means I have to do it all either very early in the morning or after I get home before Tonya gets in. Not that she won't let me write but when you enjoy being with someone, like I do with her, well I like to spend my time with her.

And then there is all this damn political stuff I have gotten myself involved in. See, I am one of those guys who just kind of volunteers for stuff and I never raise my hand. I can't figure it out, people must look at me and say, "He looks like an easy mark, sign him up." I am know involved in organizing a local Tea Party rally. Then I am involved somewhat with a candidate for Congress' campaign and one of the candidates for the local county Sheriff.

I have to say it has been an education. I never realized how involved it is or how much fun. And I am not a even that involved like some. It does give you an appreciation for what goes into a campaign. Today I wrote a quick article for one campaign for a local newspaper. And I have written several letters to the editors, and some columns for candidates as well.

So I haven't had time to write in the blogs all that much. But I am still writing. Maybe if my candidates win I could sign on as their speech writers or something. I bet I could real good at writing alot about nothing.
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