Who Knew?

Who knew becoming politically active would be so active?

As you know if you read my other blog "It's Clear As Mud" lately I have been becoming more involved in the political process. I have been following and am a supporter of the Tea Party Movement and have also taken up the torch for several local candidates. I have even gone so far as to putting a Charlie Baker and a Tom Wesley sticker on the back window of my little pick up truck and a sign in front of the little house on the lake. I won't get into the reasons I have become so active, you can read my other blog for that, but I will say it has opened both my eyes and my world.

For example, last Sunday I had a letter to the editor appear in the Worcester Telegram (read here). As of the time of this writing I have already elicited 140 comments on the letter, not sure if that is a record or not, but it's not bad for two days.I also wrote another letter for another paper awhile back which has generated a very positive response. Because of this I have now been volunteered as the Chairperson of the "Letters of Correspondence" committee for the local Tea party which I attend, as well as I have been asked to write other letters and blogs.

What this has opened my eyes to is the power of the written word. I have never considered myself to be all that good of a writer but from the feedback I have been receiving from people they evidently think I must be. I have to admit, it is kind of nice to have someone come up to you and ask if you are the guy who wrote the letter, although after some of the comments I've received, I will make sure I can determine if they have a gun or not.

It has opened my world in that I am gaining more confidence in my writing skills, I get that from the feedback I receive and from the support I get from the love of my life. She doesn't think she has anything to do with it, but she has as those of you who have followed this little blog from the beginning on AOL can attest to the change in me since Tonya has come into my life. (Okay, maybe it's Buttons, I'm not sure, just kidding Tonya) i am now seeing that maybe there is hope for me yet in my writing, maybe I will get to the next level and actually get paid for it. Although I admit, I do it because I love it, next to Tonya, it is my passion.

So anyway, if you have wondered why i haven't been writing in this blog as much, that is why. It is not that I have forgotten my readers it is because of you that I have grown and blossomed. So I thank you for that.
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