Nowhere to go

While on my way to work this morning in my little red pick-up, which, by the way has an even dirtier windshield than my tow truck, I was struck by the fact that everyone always seems to be in such a hurry. The funny thing is, it seems people are always more in a hurry to get to work than they are to get home from work. Why do you think that is?
Perhaps it is because people always leave later than they should to go to work because they don't want to be there? I know I love to sit and have a second cup of coffee, watch the weather bunnies, pet the dog, anything but leave for work. However I still leave in plenty of time to get to work without having to hurry and then maybe they don't want to go home to all they have to do at night.

Maybe its just a symptom of our society. We are always rushing from here to there, trying to get as much done as we can in a limited amount of time. We cram our schedules with so much to do, the only way it seems we can get it done is by speeding along, driving like Mario Andretti or Richard Petty. Take the kids here, take the kids there, appointments, committees, soccer games, you name it we have to do it.

Not Dead Yet: ...and One or Two Other Good Things About RetirementPersonally, I very rarely speed, especially on the way to work. This is my time to relax, it's like extending my coffee time, I just watch the sun come up, see if I can catch glimpse of a deer, or scan the sky for the red-tailed hawk who hangs out around the Charlton rest area on the pike. Lord knows I will be stressed enough once I get to work anyway, so I relax as often and as much as I can.

Now if I am going to rush, it is when I am on my way home to the little house on the lake and when she is not working, my better half. But even then, I still take it easy. If there is one thing I have learned in my life is to slow down and take the time to smell the roses. Life is to short to always be hurrying, you need to enjoy every minute of it you can because it will be over with soon enough. And you t be doing that if you going through life at 100 miles an hour.can'

Well unless you really are Mario Andretti or Richard Petty.
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