Everybody Talks About The Weather

As I was driving behind the dirty windshield today, I realized something. Every morning before I go to work, and then when I get to work, I flip through all the channels to watch the weather forecasts. I learned along time ago that no one can accurately predict the weather so I put all the forecasts together then use a proprietary formula to come up with what the weather will be. I am right 50% of the time, which is about the same as any one channel. But I digress.

I realized today that I do this every morning but I never remember what the forecast will be. Why is that you ask? I asked myself the same thing and here is the answer in a nutshell, one word:


You see every local weather channel has a very attractive woman as the morning weather person now. There are no morning male weather forecasters until the afternoon, only females. Gone are the days of looking at the likes of Don Kent, now we get to see Cindy, Dylan, J.C. and Melissa. Gone are the days of Don with his pointer, showing us the weather on a chalkboard, it had two sides so he could flip it, then came the big sheets of paper and the magic markers, finally there was the white boards. There were no computers, no satellites, no fancy graphics, Don would look at his barometer, his anemometer and out the window and get all he (and we) needed to know.

Now we have bright and bubbly, perfectly coiffed hair and all the latest fashions, with fancy graphics galore. And if they get the forecast wrong, they come out with those cute little pouts and say how sorry they are for messing up. How can you resist them? How can you not forgive them? You just want to send them flowers.

Waking up with them each morning is such a pleasure, they are always smiling, bouncing around the set, pointing here and there to the weather maps, how can you expect any red-blooded male to pay attention to the weather?

Guess I'll have to start forecasting on my own.
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