Daily Dirt

It was a hot day behind the dirty windshield today. I do small equipment moves for one of our customers and this usually takes me around the city of Worcester, MA. This is where I spent my day today.

Worcester isn’t a bad place. Sure it’s got its problems, just like every other city, but if you take the time to really look at some of the buildings in the city you will see they are really quite ornate and well built. Even the three deckers have potential, there are ornate carvings on them, these were all made by hand, when houses were built to last. But then all cities have these, at least here in New England. But there is one thing that Worcester has more of than any other city and even most towns in Massachusetts and that is:

Dirt roads. I swear there are more dirt roads in the city of Worcester than anywhere else. I have towed in some rural towns where I didn’t spend as much time in the dust as I do when I have to drive around Worcester. They are rutted, full of stones, dry and dusty now, muddy the rest of the time. They usually are narrow and are on the side of a hill. Navigating a truck with a 21 foot long body on it is no easy task at times. And driving one without any air ride suspension is even worse. But then I love a challenge.

History of Worcester, Massachusetts: From Its Earliest Settlement to September, 1836; with Various Notices Relating to the History of Worcester CountyAnd the interesting thing I have learned is that my GPS loves to send me down these dirt roads, well when I let it. I have learned to not entirely trust my GPS as I have posted in the past. If I were to let it, the darn thing would take me on a trip full of dirt, rocks, low branches, dried mud holes and ruts so deep you could hide a refrigerator in them. In fact there have been times when I have seen refrigerators in them. For example I had to make a delivery in Worcester on Digregorio street, which is off of Massasoit road, it was maybe two miles from where I was, down Route 20, right on Massasoit. The GPS directed me on a route which could only be described as circuitous at best. According to the mileage it gave me it was five miles and 20 minutes longer than it took me.

But I look forward to doing my daily dirt, makes me like an off-road racer. If only I could find one of those scantily clad women to shower me with kisses when I win.
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