Little Blue Pills

I spent a lot of time behind the dirty windshield yesterday. And you know what that means, I spent a lot of time thinking. But one think I noticed is I was thinking happier thoughts than normal, must be that little blue pill I take in the morning now. Or the white one. Or the pink one. One of them. I have noticed since I was diagnosed with FMS last week that I do think a little differently. I try not to stress out about things as much, not that I did before, I guess it’s just a case of my theories on life have been reinforced. As I have mentioned in the past, life is too short to worry about the small stuff, the things you can’t control. Not that you should just give up and not worry about anything, but you can only do what you can do at any particular time and you certainly can not change other people. We aren’t going to be here for ever, we need to make the best of it while we are here.

I heard a story on the news yesterday, I think it was while I was driving over the George Washington Bridge. It was about two ladies, one 87, one 84, one of them won the Lotto for I think $500,000. One sister is suing the other claiming (stop me if you heard this one) they had a contract to share any winnings. The other sister of course disputes this. Let’s think about this, I won’t get into whether there was a contract or not, what I will get into is life is too short, especially when you are 87 and 84 to be fighting with anyone, never mind your sister. How mush time have you got left? Do you want to go to your grave mad at your sister? I know, my guess is that there is probably someone else behind this, one or the other sisters kids behind it, but still, why bother? Just split the damn money.
Of course I have never won any money in the lottery, or anywhere else for that matter, so I won’t have to worry about whether I need to share it with anyone, but it would be nice to find out. When will people realize that money isn’t important? Our society has conditioned us to believe it is, and I know, in order for us to “have” any thing we need it. But things aren’t important. Having someone in your life who loves you is important. Having a caring, loving family is what is important. Sure it is nice to have things, but you can live without things. We struggle all our lives to keep u with the neighbors, or the guy at work, or ou friends that we forget about what really is important, us.
If nothing else, this illness I have has reinforced the way I feel about life and “things”. Not that I am going to die tomorrow, Fibromyalgia isn’t fatal, but it has reaffirmed my beliefs.
Yup I do like those little blue pills.
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One Response to this post

  1. Big Mark 243 on March 25, 2010 at 9:59 AM

    I like your current perspective. The story you mention is one that I have seen a few times in a few places.

    The angle about one of the ladies' children being behind the blow up... hadn't considered that one before. But that is mainly because I didn't care about the story.

    If I win a lottery or have any kind of windfall, I'd have no problem sharing it with anyone, as long as they would agree to never bother me again. That is for real.

    It would be nice to think that family means more than money. Maybe the money exposes how little you have really meant to each other after all. All the secret resentments and jealousies coming to the surface.

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