If it smells like a skunk....

So I was driving around thinking the other day. Now before I get into what I was thinking about I need to say this, I actually received a comment on one of my old journal entries saying that I think too much. Well let me say this about that, it is better to be driving around thinking than not thinking.

Ok, so I was thinking about my kids and how they don’t ever come to me for advice, well not very often anyway. Or, when they do they don’t usually take it. I remember what someone told me once and how true it is “As you get older your father gets smarter”. I know that was certainly true in my case. I never asked my father for advice but my father was one of these people who would give you advice but you didn’t know it. It wouldn’t be until sometime later, even years, when I would remember something he told me and I would take that and use it. I find this especially to be true in the way my work ethic has been formed.

My Dad would say things like “You never have time to do something right the first time but you always have time to do it over.” Or “A fast nickel is better than a slow dime”. And then there was this one “Never kill a skunk to close to home”. Did you ever kill a skunk too close to home?

My son asked me for some advice once. He asked what was the key to keeping a woman happy? I thought about this for awhile and told him what I have learned in the last few years since my divorce. I said “Security son.” Well at least that is what the woman I hit on in bars would always call out anyway.

Then there was the time I had a woman banging on my bedroom door all night. She was banging on the windows making a hell of a racket. I got so tired of it I finally got out of bed and unlocked the door so she could leave.

Ok, I know I am being somewhat silly today. I guess I am just stressed about some things that have been going on here at the little house on the lake. My daughter has decided to leave her husband, has actually done it and it is getting ugly. Tonya and I are being put in the middle of this and I don’t like it. I will not let anything come between me and her. When I tried to give my daughter advice she basically told me she was an adult and knows what she is doing, which may or may not be true, but I hope she realizes before it is too late that “You can’t kill a skunk too close to home.”

In conclusion, did you ever drive around and all of a sudden look around and have no idea how you got there? That is driving around not thinking.
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4 Responses to this post

  1. Rose on February 23, 2009 at 12:58 PM

    Yeah, I think we all have drove around and can't remember how we got from A to B because too much on the mind.

    Sorry to hear about the divorce. I was in the legal field for 30 plus years and handled close to 3,000 divorces including my own with my first husband. Not pleasant.

    Hugs, Rose

  2. Big Mark 243 on February 23, 2009 at 2:25 PM

    Sorry to hear about your daughter. The title fits too well. Can hope the best for y'all, and that is about it.

  3. Lori on March 9, 2009 at 10:29 PM

    Great post! I'm sorry your daughter and her husband are breaking up. I love the sayings of your father, especially the "killing a skunk too close to home" one. And yes, I believe I have driven around without thinking before. Not always a good idea!

  4. Big Mark 243 on June 24, 2009 at 11:00 PM

    You know, I am hoping that this gets to you some kind of way.

    I know that you are prolly in your own space, so I only want you to know I still think of you and your lady.

    Hope you are well.

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