Maybe the light isn't a train after all

I know, I know, it's been awhile since I've written in this blog, but it isn't because I am not writing. In fact I am writing more than ever. The problem has been I don't have as much time to write, because it seems my boss has decided I should no longer have access to the internet at work so instead of spending time doing useful things he would rather have me be like the other drivers and hang around and bitch about things. Not that bitching isn't good, but I would rather be educating myself.

It's not like I didn't also do my work, but enough of that. I have been concentrating on some other writing projects instead. As you know if you read my other posts my dream and goal is to actually make some money doing this and eventually do nothing but write. And guess what? I have received my first payment from one of my efforts. (Please hold the applause)

I have to admit it was kind of exciting to receive an email telling me I received my first payment. Now I am not saying it was alot, but it's money I didn't have yesterday. It is a step in the right direction anyway. Maybe I finally be able to begin repaying some of those debts I owe to people (you know who you are) because knowing I owe bothers me every day. And the money I make writing is designated to nothing but those.

I am not trying to sound cocky or anything, after all it's only one small check, but I hope people who know me  see that I am trying to do what needs to be done. So I keep plodding along in my journey, as I do in my life.

When I write I think a lot about my father. (I know I think a lot about him anyway) I wonder what he would think about his family these ten years since he has been gone. How far we have come, how we have turned out. I know he would be very happy and very proud, especially with his grandchildren (too soon to tell on the great-grandchildren yet). They have all done well. some have had to deal with some problems and have stumbled along the way but they have picked themselves up and recovered. Unlike so many others these days they haven't given up. And that is why my Dad would be proud of them. (Mom too!)

Anyway, I'll continue to write whenever I can, which is about four hours a day or so, and keep my goals (both the short term and the long term) in sight. Thank you all who continue to read what I write, you will never know what it means to me to know someone reads this stuff. And a special thanks to the people who have had confidence in me and have urged me on. Hey I can use that line when I get the Pulitzer maybe.

I am including a link to a book on Amazon written by one of my Facebook friends. Check it out and feel free to buy it. Shows what strength and determination can accomplish.
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